Health, Science and Society to the test of the pandemic
21 - 25 November 2022, Torino (Italy)

Workshop information

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the whole of humanity, with significant repercussions in every area of life. Two and a half years after its outbreak, the POLI-COVID-22 workshop aims at fostering a constructive debate on how this crisis has been dealt with, starting from the measures put in place to counteract the spread of the virus and their impact in terms of health, ethics and society, with a view to drawing from these experiences to inform future decisions on the management of new emergencies.

There will be free broadcasting of all the presentations.


Confirmed international speakers

Prof. Peter Doshi (University of Maryland)
Prof. Sunetra Gupta (University of Oxford)
Prof. Matthias Herdegen (University of Bonn)
Prof. John Ioannidis (University of Stanford)
Prof. Tom Jefferson (University of Oxford)
Prof. Laurent Mucchielli (CNRS)
Prof. Gerardo Ruiz Rico-Ruiz (Universidad de Jaén)
Prof. Mathieu Touzeil-Divina (Toulouse Capitole University)

Organizing Committee

Fabrizio Barpi
Federica Cappelluti
Michela Comba
Renzo Curtabbi
Donato D’Auria

Valentina Gatteschi
Francesco Laviano
Antonino Maria Lo Grasso
Claudia Muretto
Barbara Musti

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